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fruity_cupcake's Journal

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18th century, alice and the pirates, alice in wonderland, angelic pretty, anime, anna house, anne rice, aristocrat, baby stars shine bright, babythestarsshinebright, beauty, beethoven, bows, boystyle, btssb, bunnies, cakes, candy violet, cats, classic lolita, cosplay, crepes, crowns, cupcakes, daydreaming, decor, desserts, disney, dorama, drawing, ebay, edwardian, edwardian clothing, ega, egl, egl fashion, elegance, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, elegant gothic lolita fashion, embroidery, fabric, fairytale, fancy work, fashion, feminine, flowers, française, frills, fruit, gardens, geisha, gothic & lolita bible, gothic & lolita bibles, gothic & lolita fashion, gothic and lolita bible, gothic lolita, gothic lolita fashion, handwriting, hearts, hello kitty, high tea, himeloli, history, japan, japanese fashion, japanese food, japanese movies, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, kamikaze girls, kittens, kodona, lace, letters, living, lolita, lolita fashion, love, madame de pompadour, manga, manners, mary magdalene, maryjanes, meet ups, mermaids, metamorphose temps de fille, movies, music, mythology, old fashion, panniers, parasols, pearls, petticoats, pink, pretty, princesses, reading, refinement, ribbon, rococco, rococo, roses, ruffles, sailormoon, sandwiches, sanrio, scones, seath, sewing, shopping, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, silks, skirts, soda, stars, stockings, stories, strawberries, street fashion, sushi, sweet, sweet lolita, taste, tea, tea parties, teacups, vampires, versailles, victorian, victorian clothing, victorian decor, video games, vintage clothing, visual kei, yaoi, yuri